The Santa Cruz Retreat for Analog Play is a low-fi, DIY, BYO one-day game-making event on the beautiful UC Santa Cruz campus! Whether you want to make a board game, card game, physical game, sport, or something that’s not-quite-a-game at all, come hang out with us in the redwoods to do it!

You don’t have to be a programmer to make a game.


In many ways, we’re designing SCRAP around the idea of an un-hack. It’s not competitive. It’s not technical. We start and end at a reasonable time. Kids can participate. There won’t be VCs lurking around to “recruit talent.” It’s just going to be a group of friendly folks making cool and interesting games. We want the people who normally don’t participate in jams for one reason or another to feel welcome at SCRAP.


We’re particularly interested in analog games in part because the barrier to entry is lower, but also to emphasize the value of non-digital games. Today “games” has become a shorthand for “digital games.” And while digital games are awesome, we want to emphasize the many forms of play that exist outside of videogames. We want to bring folks together to create awesome experiences and figure out how to express artistic ideas through play of all kinds!


Come join us! No prior game-making experience necessary!

Whether this will be your first game or your 1000th, we value your voice.

Games need your voice.